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Larian Studios was one of the largest sponsors of Blasphemous on Kickstarter, the former president of Blizzard offered to tip game developers, sales of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth turned out to be half as much as the first part — we tell you what happened in the gaming industry over the weekend.
The use of artificial intelligence in game development continues to cause heated debate. This time, Champions TCG studio participated in them. She stated that the artwork for her collectible NFT card game Champions of Otherworldly was made using neural networks. They were created by an "AI artist" alone, to whom she paid tens of thousands of dollars.
There is little talk about games in the Telegram messenger. We decided to fix the situation by talking with Daria Novikova, product director at PlayDeck startup. The latter launched a gaming marketplace for Telegram. In a conversation with Daria, we touched on topics such as user engagement, earnings from leading projects, monetization and, of course, PlayDeck itself.
Ubisoft has announced that its South Korean division will cease to exist after 22 years of operation in the country. The branch will close its doors on April 30, 2024.