Game education news: government and regional initiatives, grants, selected courses.

Parents and survivors of the 2022 Robb Elementary School tragedy in Uvalde, Texas have initiated legal action against Activision and its parent company Microsoft. According to The New York Times, two lawsuits were filed in California and Texas last Friday, coinciding with the second anniversary of the incident. The shooting resulted in the deaths of 19 children and two teachers at the hands of an 18-year-old gunman. The lawsuit also targets Instagram and its parent company Meta, as well as gun manufacturer Daniel Defense, alleging that they played a significant part in "grooming" the shooter
Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, spoke about the significance of the Bungie acquisition deal for the future of the PlayStation. We are talking about further investments in the multiplatform, the creation of game services and development beyond one console. At the same time, other major purchases should be expected from Sony in the future.Destiny 2
Slava Lukyanenka, senior producer of CD Projekt RED, wrote a post about the systemic problems of education in game development. He shared his thoughts on why there are so many people with “faded eyes” among the graduates of the courses. This caused a discussion, which was joined by other Russian-speaking representatives of the gaming industry.Lukyanenka decided to speak out on this topic after talking with young developers.
The MY.GAMES brand found out that almost half of Russian gamers want to develop games, but for various reasons they can’t do it. Therefore, the company, together with FEFU, has prepared a list of programs that provide education in game development. The list includes universities, colleges and courses for children.
Over the weekend, XYZ School, known for its game-dev courses, found itself in the center of a big scandal. It all started with a collective letter from deceived students who could not get a fully paid course program for almost nine months. The post caused a great resonance, and after the official response of the management, the editorial board of the media direction left the company.
CCP Games has launched an online course dedicated to human relationships and creating real connections through video games. It was prepared jointly with the University of Iceland and is based on the company’s experience in the development of EVE Online. The program is based on the stories of real players of the popular MMO.The course is called “Friendship Machines: Creating a New Type of Human Relationship” (Friendship Machine: Forming a New Type of Human Connection)…
On September 21, Scream School announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Unity Technologies. Within its framework, the school received the right to certify specialists for Unity knowledge, and also became a Certification Center for Unity teachers in Russia. We talked to the director of Scream School – Ekaterina Cherkess-zadeh – about what this means.
Vyacheslav Utochkin, who is responsible for educational programs in the gaming industry at the Higher School of Economics, said about an open lecture “How to create your own game“, about a new set for the program “Management of Internet gaming projects”, as well as about new disciplines and courses.