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We are continuing our series of posts in the section where professionals from gaming companies discuss their careers. The latest article in the series is about the work of a 3D artist. Alexey Konzelko, the lead 3D artist at 1C Game Studios, shared insights into what this job entails.
Sony is replicating the successful strategy it utilized with Helldivers 2 by pricing its upcoming live service game, the hero shooter Concord, at a more affordable rate. According to Push Square, the Australian PlayStation Store lists pre-orders for Concord's standard edition at AU$59.95, mirroring the price of Arrowhead Games' Helldivers 2. Correspondingly, has verified that listings on the US and UK PlayStation stores show prices of $39.99 and £34.99 respectively, which aligns with the pricing for Helldivers 2. This pricing approach stands out as most AAA titles in the current generation are typically being sold for $70
We are launching a new series where professionals from gaming companies talk about their careers. It's called "Profession." The first article in the series is about the work of an environment artist (level artist/environment artist). Timur Ozdoev, the lead level artist on the project SPINE – Nekki's first game for PC and consoles, shares what this job entails. Previously, Timur worked at CD PROJEKT RED on Cyberpunk 2077.
The use of artificial intelligence in game development continues to cause heated debate. This time, Champions TCG studio participated in them. She stated that the artwork for her collectible NFT card game Champions of Otherworldly was made using neural networks. They were created by an "AI artist" alone, to whom she paid tens of thousands of dollars.
By using a neural network in conjunction with their own extension, the team at Skywaylab Studio was able to reduce their creatives’ production time from 20 to 2 days. Right now, the studio is focused on preparations for releasing its own tool for creating 2D animations to fit its new pipeline. Aleksey Emelyanov, one of Skywaylab’s founders, told us how that’s going to work.
Chinese gaming companies have started hiring artists less. In a comment to the Rest of the World portal, recruiter Leo Li said that over the past year the number of new vacancies for artists has decreased by 70%.