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Ambitions to create a metaverse are expensive for Meta*. In the latest financial report, the company reported that the losses of the Reality Labs division for 2022 amounted to $13.717 billion, which is 34.5% more than a year ago.
Owners of VR headsets from Meta* will soon be able to no longer use social media accounts to log in. Yesterday, the company officially announced that special Meta accounts will be available to users in the near future.
Meta* has released a fresh financial report, in which, among other things, it told about the losses of Reality Labs. According to the corporation, the losses of the XR division for the first half of 2022 amounted to $5.76 billion — 35.4% more than a year ago.
Таким прогнозом поделился аналитик гонконгской фирмы TF International Securities Минг-Чи Куо (Ming-Chi Kuo). Однако он отметил, что точная дата релиза VR-гарнитуры во многом будет зависеть от графика разработки игр.
В 2020 году немецкий суд постановил, что Meta* злоупотребляет доминирующим положением в стране. Спустя три месяца после этого компания перестала продавать в Германии все свои VR-гарнитуры. Такое решение больно сказалось на доходах местных разработчиков.
This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to sources close to the company. According to them, Apple has also accelerated work on the rOS operating system for the headset. According to sources, all together this means that the release of the device may take place in the next few months.