Community Management

How to build and manage a video game community? Here you can valuable tips, as well as hot news, insights, and use cases from industry professionals on working with different platforms.

Marketing expert Eric Seufert spoke about five trends that will manifest themselves in the mobile games market in 2022. The analyst believes that Apple and Google will oppose titles with the play-to-earn model, and developers will begin to actively optimize their projects and advertising strategies for Android.There will be no games with the play-to-earn model in mobile stores
Recently Ubisoft announced its own Quartz NFT platform. It will sell unique cosmetic items for the company’s AAA titles. Despite Ubisoft’s ambitious plans, the announcement video received over 96% dislikes. Players, among others, do not understand why they should use blockchain to sell “cosmetics”, because there are much more reliable and time-tested technologies for this.What is Ubisoft Quartz?
Indie game developers on the GameMaker Studio 2 engine have a simplified way to publish their projects. To do this, Opera launched the GXC platform. It will allow you to publish titles for free by exporting them from the engine directly to the browser.In the announcement, the company noted that this is the first step towards creating synergy between GameMaker Studio 2 and the Opera GX gaming browser.
Cyberpunk isometric RPG Gamedec came out on September 16. The game, inspired by the Gamedec book series by Marcin Przybyłek, puts you in the shoes of a game detective, who solves mysteries inside virtual worlds. A year ago, we discussed the Gamedec demo with the development team known as Anshar Studios. Now, days after the title’s release, we caught up with Mateusz Greloch, Community Manager at Anshar Studios, for an update on what has been…
Zachary Doig, senior community manager of the American World of Tanks team, has left Wargaming. He made this decision because, in his opinion, the unfair dismissal of another employee. According to Doig, Wargaming simply made a member of his team a “scapegoat” in a scandalous situation around one of the ships in World of Warships.World of Tanks
A scandal broke out in the World of Warships community related to the monetization policy of Wargaming. Players complain about a large number of loot boxes, randomness and criticize the game for introducing gambling mechanics. Against the background of discontent, dozens of streamers announced a boycott of developers and withdrew from the affiliate program.World of Warships
The hashtag #BoycottGenshin suddenly burst into Twitter trends, under which some users called for a boycott of the miHoYo project. This time, users complained not about gacha, but accused the developers of racism and sexualization of children. However, Genshin Impact fans came to the defense of the game.The hashtag #BoycottGenshin began gaining popularity on April 5, after which it attracted the attention of users in several countries in a few hours.
The Russian UNIGINE engine has received a large-scale update. The developers have added new features to it, which can also be used for game development. Among them are updated clouds and a new smoothing technology.You can find out more about all the changes to UNIGINE in version 2.13 on the engine’s website, and below you can get acquainted with the main innovations of this release:
IndieDB named the best indie games from the past year. There are two parrallel rankings: the best games across 11 categories selected by the IndieDB editors and 10 best games chosen by players.