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News and articles about how game companies work on their public image, the mistakes they make, and what they can achieve by building communication with the community, press, and business partners.

Cyberpunk isometric RPG Gamedec came out on September 16. The game, inspired by the Gamedec book series by Marcin Przybyłek, puts you in the shoes of a game detective, who solves mysteries inside virtual worlds. A year ago, we discussed the Gamedec demo with the development team known as Anshar Studios. Now, days after the title’s release, we caught up with Mateusz Greloch, Community Manager at Anshar Studios, for an update on what has been…
Zachary Doig, senior community manager of the American World of Tanks team, has left Wargaming. He made this decision because, in his opinion, the unfair dismissal of another employee. According to Doig, Wargaming simply made a member of his team a “scapegoat” in a scandalous situation around one of the ships in World of Warships.World of Tanks
The other day, the Polish studio CI Games was at the center of a scandal. It is connected with an event dedicated to her new game Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. Participants had to kill armed actors dressed in Arab costumes. The press criticized the developers for militarism and propaganda of violence, although the studio itself was not even at the event.What happened?