News and articles about indie development (primarily about small independent teams working on premium games).

Numerous headlines on various platforms have dubbed this year's line-up of showcases as 'The Year of the Indie' — and the claim holds merit. The array of titles presented at events like Guerrilla Collective, Wholesome Direct, and Day of the Devs were exceptional. Indie games also made their mark during Summer Game Fest and the Xbox Games Showcase. Throughout the week, countless titles from smaller or independent developers showcased original, innovative ideas, explored stories from underrepresented cultures, or simply injected a unique sense of fun and imagination which many AAA titles, focused on realism or intense action, often miss. Following last year’s tradition, the team aimed to spotlight some standout titles that merit more attention, considering the majority usually gravitates towards new releases from well-known developers and franchises. Below are our selections from the 2024 summer games showcases
Innersloth, the developer of the popular social deduction game Among Us, has launched a new indie games fund named Outersloth. The announcement was made during today’s Summer Game Fest Opening Showcase, where the studio expressed its intention to share the success achieved with Among Us by providing financial support to other indie developers' projects. Co-founder Forrest Willard stated, "There's been so many great indie games in recent years but it's also no secret that it's a rough time in the industry. Some devs don't really get the chance they deserve so we thought we could help out a bit"
The year 2024 was notable for Steam with the release of numerous indie hits: Palworld, Manor Lords, Content Warning, Balatro, Backpack Battles, and others. In fact, the success of some of them was unexpected. Raphael van Lierop, the founder and CEO of Hinterland Studio, which developed The Long Dark, listed possible reasons for the indie boom on LinkedIn.