News and articles about indie development (primarily about small independent teams working on premium games).

The authors of the independent MMORPG TitanReach have already canceled the project for the second time — this time definitively. The reason may be the fraudulent actions of the lead developer. He appropriated part of the received investments to himself and spent them not on the game, but on the purchase of Tesla and cryptocurrencies.
Several indie developers shared with the BBC their concerns about the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard deal. They stated that a lot of AAA projects are already included in the Game Pass subscription, and after the purchase of the Call of Duty publisher, there will be even more of them. Because of this, small games can simply go unnoticed by gamers.
There was a discussion among developers about the dominance of indie games, which are released on Steam by the thousands every year. Two polar points of view collided. First, most of these titles are not needed by the market, because they have zero value. The second is that people should not be forbidden to express themselves through creativity and consider games only as a business.
Sony intends to improve its relationship with indie developers. According to the results of a survey for PlayStation partners, the company plans to fix a number of obvious problems of its platform. We are talking about slow communication, low findability of games and opacity of work processes.What prompted Sony to respond to the problems?
Several successful indie developers have expressed complaints about the Metacritic rating system. They face a paradox: their games are sold in hundreds of thousands or even millions of copies, but the specialized media often ignore such projects. Due to the lack of ratings, small studios eventually lose some financial and business opportunities.Clone Drone In The Danger Zone
The other day conducted a live broadcast with Alexey “Flazm“ Davydov, an indie developer and head of the studio of the same name. We talked in detail about the development of the Time Loader physical puzzle, the mechanics of the game and the difficulties encountered in the process. They also discussed working with publishers, the modern indie scene and budgets.