Gaming business news related to esports: reports on the segment's status and important deals in the sector.

The International Olympic Committee has disclosed that the inaugural Olympic Esports Games are set to take place in Saudi Arabia in 2025. The IOC, alongside the National Olympic Committee of Saudi Arabia, has established a 12-year partnership for this initiative, with events scheduled to occur at regular intervals. The selection of a city and venue remains pending. The IOC announced its intentions for the Olympic Esports Games last October. Esports made an appearance in the 2022 Commonwealth Games but are not slated for inclusion in the 2026 edition.
FIFA has teamed up with Rocket League to launch an esports World Cup. The announcement, made during the Rocket League Championship Series on Sunday, disclosed that 16 nations will participate, each represented by a team of three players and one substitute. Selection of the countries will be determined by the number of participants in prior Rocket League Major events
The Chinese city of Shenzhen wants to become the world center of esports. His government has announced that it will allocate up to $690,000 to those developers whose games will be used at major international championships. Creators of less popular esports games will also be able to receive investments — up to $ 280 thousand.
In early April, Tencent announced that it was going to close Penguin Esports, the Chinese equivalent of Twitch, in the near future. On June 7, she really did it. At 23:59, the holding shut down the platform’s servers, and soon removed its application from the stores.
The Chinese authorities may be planning to take up the regulation of esports. The other day, People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, proposed putting an end to the “chaos” in this segment of the gaming industry and starting to closely monitor the organizers of the competitions.
The analytical company Newzoo named the key trends in the development of the esports industry, which are worth paying attention to in 2021. Among them is the growing popularity of mobile titles and conversational streams, as well as the development of regional tournaments.The growing popularity of mobile esports
The loudest and strangest deal of recent times. Mail.Ru The Group has announced a partnership with a certain Modern Pick. The result of the partnership is the transfer of 51% of ESforce esports organization, which owns Mail.Ru Group. The nuance is that the transaction takes place without money, and Modern Pick itself is not a well—known and popular company.