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Now AppMagic has its own podcast (the service launched it with the assistance of WN Media Group). It’s called Games and Names. It is led by Stas Minasov, Vice President of Product at AppMagic. As part of the first issue, he was joined by Daniel Ahmad, a well-known Asian market expert from Niko Partners, and Kirill Vaganov, business development manager at AppMagic. We publish a brief extract.
News in audio format! Let’s talk about why the popularity of mobile games is growing in China, what Beeline has agreed with Google Play and which smartphone Amazon intends to release.
The latest edition of the podcast – in three minutes you will learn the main news for this day. Let’s tell you that Rovio wants to invest in Russian startups, Death Rally earns $350 thousand a month, and virtual App Stores have appeared in 32 more countries.
Today we will talk about the cost of attracting users to the App Store, about Amazon, which is going to introduce micropayments, and also about the fact that women prefer more often and for free, and men — less often, but for money.
Today we will talk about the cost of applications in the App Store and in the Android Market, we will look for gold in the GetJar store and give the giants the opportunity to measure downloads.
Congratulations to all men on the holiday, and in order not to get tired of reading the news on the weekend, we suggest listening to them. In this issue we will tell you about the App Store’s from different countries, let’s do a small overview of the tablet market and say a few words about how Rovio Mobile launches Angry Birds into space.
In the new release of App2Top: Apple is ready to introduce the iPad 3 to the world, fans of the Tiny Tower game criticized its clone from Zynga, and Sony is preparing to conquer the smartphone and tablet market.
When the new mobile OS from Microsoft is released, why Android is suitable only for serious boys, as well as who Disney released into the wild just the other day – you will find out by listening to the release of our new podcast.
In a few minutes you will find out how many billions of dollars Apple has paid to developers, how many downloads there were in the Android Market and how Christmas affected tablet sales.
We offer you to listen to the material that we published this week. Which projects are becoming the most successful on the App Store and why, why you need a feature, and what is a “jackpot” game – about all this in our new podcast.
While everyone was resting, the analysts worked and counted, tirelessly using calculators. A few statistics on the number of downloads on iOS and Android, data on the sales of the devices themselves and valuable information about what users are doing.
In this release: the number of downloads from the App Store has passed the 18 billion mark; Android applications are getting smaller.
In this issue: Kindle Fire breaks out into the leaders; the number of downloads in the Android Market has exceeded 10 billion; Windows Phone has launched a counteroffensive.
In this issue: iOS apps bring 90% of profits, Europe is the leader in the number of Android apps downloaded per person, Apple has started accepting Chinese yuan in the App Store.
In this release: iTunes Connect will go on vacation; almost half a billion mobile phones were sold in the 3rd quarter; developers will have to think about how to retain users.
In this issue: iOS is leading the mobile Internet traffic market; Android has overtaken competitors in the UK; Apple is named the most profitable company in the mobile market.
In this issue: mobile Internet is gaining momentum in Russia, application developers prefer Facebook, an alliance with Nokia will allow Windows Phone to double its share.