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The British company Sumo Group, whose portfolio includes Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Team Sonic Racing, and many other games, is preparing to carry out significant layoffs. The company announced plans to dismiss up to 15% of its employees in Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, the Czech Republic, and India.
UK gaming firms are encouraged to participate in the current year's salary benchmarking initiative—a joint effort between and Brightmine. Brightmine, formerly known as XpertHR, is a renowned benchmarking service widely used in multiple sectors. Last year, it initiated a pilot scheme with, offering insights into industry pay standards. The project's aim is to ensure fair employee compensation and enhance talent retention. The 2024 initiative is now open and will continue until the end of July. All submitted data will remain confidential and anonymized, ensuring the privacy of both companies and individuals involved
Gearbox Entertainment has conducted a round of layoffs after announcing its sale of Take-Two Interactive for $460 million. This is reported by the Game Developer portal with reference to the publications of former employees of the company on social networks.