In 2022, spending on VR headsets has sunk in the United States

This year, Americans spent 2% less on VR headsets compared to 2021, CNBC reports, citing data from the NPD Group. Their expenses decreased to $1.1 billion.

According to analysts, the fall occurred after a sharp increase. Last year, amid problems with the supply of next-generation consoles, Americans’ spending on VR headsets almost doubled relative to 2020 — they increased from $530 million to about $1.12 billion.

According to NPD Group experts, the market situation may change for the better again next year. The release of PS VR2 will help in this. However, according to analysts, Sony‘s new VR headset will not affect the market as much as Quest 2 did at the time, since PS VR2 requires a PS5 console.


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