Developers of Ghostbusters VR and Phantom: Covert Ops bought for $110 million

nDreams, a British developer and publisher of VR games, has joined Aonic, a gaming conglomerate that owns stakes in OtherSide Entertainment, BKOM Studios and Milky Tea.

nDreams, with the support of Aonic, expects to strengthen its position in the VR games market. She does not rule out that for this she will buy companies and invest herself.Recall that in December 2022, nDreams made its first purchase. She acquired the studio Near Light, which developed Shooty Fruity and Perfect.

nDreams founders Patrick and Tamsin O'luanaigh will continue to lead the company.

Aonic has already invested in nDreams. Last March, the conglomerate invested $35 million in nDreams.

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