Bloomberg: Apple expects to sell a million copies of the XR headset in the first year since its release

The official announcement of Apple‘s XR headset may take place in the near future, according to Bloomberg sources. According to them, last week the company showed the device to 100 top managers, and also disclosed the price and sales forecast.

It is reported that the first version of the headset will cost $ 3 thousand apiece. This is a high price. For comparison, the PS VR2 released in February sells for $549.9. However, Apple does not expect big sales — at least in the debut year. The company believes that in the first 12 months the headset will be bought about a million times. As a result, at the start, the company’s profit from the sale of the device will be “almost zero”.

Apple hopes that the audience’s interest in its headset will grow after cheaper versions of the device are released. Their release is expected two years after the release of the first version.

Rumors about the Apple headset have been going around for years. However, the company itself has not yet confirmed that it is working on it.


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