MediEvil co-creator selling his entire archive of art and game design due to "financial woes"

Jason Wilson (aka Jay Gunn), a prominent game developer of the 90s, has put his art and design archive for sale. However, the reasons for this decision are rather unfortunate, as he needs money to pay bills while looking for a job.

MediEvil art and game design archive is up for sale by the game's co-creator Jason Wilson

Wilson opened up about his troubles on Twitter, saying that he is now selling his “entire archive of art and gameplay design for MediEvil.” It includes the results of the work he did during his time as the title’s lead game designer, art director, and co-writer.

The collection consists of hundreds of concept arts, as well as hand-written redesigned books, texture plans, and level design work. The developer calls it “perhaps the most comprehensive and complete development archive of game development from initial pitch through all stages of development.”

“Due to changes in my personal life and the protracted situation trying to obtain video-game work (interviews can spand 2 months) means that I am in financial woes,” Wilson explained. He added that due to the fact that he has worked in multiple roles throughout his time in the games industry, some recruiters are confused by his “eclectic career.”

Wilson noted that writing this thread was very embarrassing, but it was definitely time for him to ask for help. “I’ve helped others in the past and given many their first break in the industry, so I hope fortune and fate will smile for me if I can survive a little longer,” he wrote.

After the thread went viral and received over 400k views, Wilson posted a follow-up post on LinkedIn, saying that he was deeply touched by overwhelming support and warm messages from players and other game developers.

“If truth be told, I was a little burned out by the incredibly long working hours and constant deadline stress and crunch from working at Sony,” he wrote. “I then had to take a year out after being diagnosed with stage 3B cancer and given a projected five years to live – thankfully I proved the (wonderful) doctors wrong.”

Jason Wilson started his game development career in the late 80s by working on some games for Amiga computers. He joined Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in 1996 and worked there as lead game designer, artist, and creative director until April 2012.

Wilson is best known for co-creating MediEvil, an action-adventure game about the bizarre adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque that was released on the first PlayStation in 1998. However, his portfolio includes other titles such as Silverload, C-12: Final Resistance, and Ghosthunter.

After leaving Sony, Wilson spent some time as a writer and comic book author. Right now, he wants to return to the games industry “help to make more brilliant games, art and stories.”

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