Russian Game Art Pioneers studio has agreed on investments from AVC

Game Art Pioneers is a Moscow studio developing a middlepunk RPG with elements of the DISTORTION strategy. She signed a deal with the AVC foundation on phased financing for a period of 14 years.

As part of the deal, AVC will receive a stake in the studio, but its size is not specified. It is also not reported how much the fund will pay developers in total. It is only known that the first tranche for 2023 will amount to 114 million rubles.

“This deal will allow us to scale steadily, systematically expanding our staff to create and promote products, both within our DISTORTION universe and in new, yet-to-be-announced franchises, and will also multiply the capabilities and efficiency of the company as a whole. Simply put, it will allow us to make more games, good and different,” said Dmitry Zdesev, founder of Game Art Pioneers.

Press release about the deal between Game Art Pioneers and AVC
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