In 2023, women's interest in XYZ School game development courses increased by a third

XYZ School noticed that in 2023, women became more interested in learning in the field of games. She estimated that in January-February, their activity on the pages of online school courses about video games increased by 34% compared to the beginning of 2022.

XYZ School also conducted a survey among its female students timed to March 8. It turned out that:

Most often, women go to courses in order to change jobs later. This reason was given by 25% of female students. Other popular reasons were the desire to improve skills (21%) and retraining (20%). 1% of girls said that they did it for fun;

▪️35% of female students agree to study more than 10 hours a week. 31% agree to 2-5 hours a week;

42% of female students do not mind spending 50-100 thousand rubles a year on education. But 7% of female students are willing to pay no more than 10 thousand rubles a year;

27% of women enrolled in XYZ School courses only a year after they thought about additional education. Another 21% thought for six months. But 13% signed up for courses a few days later.

XYZ School Research
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