XYZ School launches a reality show dedicated to a career in game development

Online school XYZ School together with hh.ru announced the launch of a reality show. It will be called “XYZ Reality“. His heroes will master the game dev profession and find work in the industry.

The organizers will choose three participants to participate in the show. Each of them will get free access to one of the three XYZ School courses. The reality show will be built around how the characters master them, and then try to get a job in a new specialty.

It is reported that the participants of “XYZ Reality” will be able to consult career specialists and experts from the gaming industry. As for the audience, they, together with the characters, will learn about various job search strategies, learn how to work on a personal brand, and also look for opportunities to build useful connections.

Filming of the show will take place in a hybrid format (partly online, partly offline). At the same time, XYZ School claims that it does not matter where a potential participant of XYZ Reality is geographically located. However, in the application for participation, the candidate must necessarily tell where he is from.

With the help of this project, we want to introduce the widest possible audience to the field of game development, show the inner kitchen of the industry and prove by the example of the finalists that starting a career in game development is not as difficult as it seems.

Pavel Moseikin

Co-founder, CEO of XYZ School

Moseikin also noted the importance of strategic partnership with hh.ru for the project: “The expertise of partners will help our participants to better understand the specifics of employment in the market.”

According to Nikita Mereminsky, Head of Media Planning and Partnerships hh.ru , this year on hh.ru over 7 thousand gamedev vacancies have been published.

At the same time, the number of job seekers looking for work in game development obviously does not correspond to the level of demand. We see that the shortage of such specialists is strong, and the competition is weak, which guarantees quick entry and employment.

Nikita Mereminsky

Head of Media Planning and Partnerships hh.ru

Courses to be taken by the participants of the show

Styl is a course on 3D character modeling. The mentor of the hero who chooses this course will be Nikolai Tsys, who previously worked with id Software (for them he made monsters for Doom Eternal) and DAGGER CROWN STUDIO (participated in the development of Darksiders 3).

The work of Nikolai TsysDraft Punk is a course on creating inorganic 3D models for games.

Dmitry Kopeikin, who created models for World Of Tanks and Escape From Tarkov, will act as a curator here.

The work of Dmitry KopeikinConcept-Art is a course dedicated to concept art for 2D artists.

Dmitry Klyushkin, who worked on Halo remasters, as well as collaborated with Ubisoft, NetEase and Applicot, will supervise the participant of XYZ Reality within its framework.

The work of Dmitry Klyushkin

Now XYZ School selects participants for the “XYZ Reality” (you can apply here). The selection will last until December 23, and its results will be known by the end of January 2023. Filming of the show will begin in February next year.

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