App Radar in the AppMagic podcast talked about how AI can be used in game marketing and setting up ASO

The guest of the new episode of the Games and Names podcast was Thomas Kriebernegg, co-founder of the App Radar page optimization service in app stores.

Together with Thomas, the podcast hosts — Stas Minasov, Vice president of product at AppMagic, and Jesse Kroon, senior designer at Product Madness Studio - discussed the following topics:

  • improving ASO with ChatGPT;
  • TikTok trend analysis using AI;
  • why is AI an assistant and not a solution;
  • tips and tricks for working on projects;
  • limitations of AI.

The release can be listened to on the following platforms:

The current episode of Games and Names is the sixth in a row. The issues are released on the last Tuesday of the month. The podcast is hosted by the analytical service AppMagic with the support of WN Media Group.

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