The creator of Magic: The Gathering launches a blockchain game about wrestlers

Another gaming pensioner took up NFT games. Richard Garfield, the author of the most popular collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, is due to release Blockchain Brawlers any day now.

The main thing about the project:

▫️the game is being developed by Tyranno Studios, and Garfield is involved as a game designer;

▫️the project is built on WAX-blockchain (focused on games, among the advantages – it allows you to minimize commissions and transaction processing speed);

▫️it is assumed that the game is of a competitive PvP nature (all players have equal opportunities and one set of cards);

▫️in the future, the company wants to hold esports tournaments on the game;

▫️the game was supposed to be released on November 2, but for technical reasons its release was postponed

Previously, such game development legends as Richard Garriott, William Wright and Peter Molyneux also went to the blockchain.


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