The addition of NFT helped the free-play mobile game to increase the audience at times

Another news on the topic of gaming NFT. A curious interview with the developers of the mobile game Aglet was released on GamesBeat. This is a geolocation project in the spirit of Pokémon Go, but about pumping and collecting sneakers (not to be confused with the sensational STEPN).

It is curious for the following reasons:

Aglet has been in operation for more than two years (the release took place back in 2020), so this is not a clone of STEPN;

▫️initially, Aglet was conceived and launched exclusively as a traditional fritupley product;

previously, the project could not boast of good metrics, for the first two years of operation, its total downloads amounted to about 700 thousand (in the original MAU, but this is hardly correct if we start from the AppMagic figures);

▫️everything was changed first by the announcement, and then by the launch of NFT support: the number of in-game purchases increased 80 times, and MAU jumped to 3.5 million people (according to AppMagic, the revenue of the game increased from $15 thousand per month to $ 1.2 million, and the number of monthly downloads – from 66 thousand to a million);

▫️also, the number of sessions per user has increased by 200 on average%;

▫️now Aglet remains a game in which you don’t need to buy NFT to play, but the company also deals with token drops priced from $50 to $250. According to the developers, they instantly sold out.


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