Sony's PlayStation 5 now constitutes half of the active console user base for the company

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, half of their users are on the PS5, while the remaining half are still on the PS4.

In a recent company presentation, Sony disclosed that the PS5 is on the verge of overtaking the PS4 in terms of revenue, with an operating income already exceeding $10 billion. The PS5 is described as their most profitable console generation to date.

Delving deeper into consumer spending, Sony shared that the revenue per console stands at $731 for the PS5 compared to $580 for the PS4. This increase is attributed to elevated prices and premium tiers for games, accessories, and services in the current generation.

Accessory spending has risen by 34% on the PS5 compared to the PS4, and spending on services like PlayStation Plus has increased by 57%. Add-on content saw a staggering increase of 176%. Conversely, game sales have dropped by 12% from the previous generation, reflecting a shift towards live service games, which tend to engage players for extended periods with fewer titles.

Sony also highlighted the success of its PlayStation Plus upgrades. During the 2021/2022 financial year, 70% of PS Plus members were in the 'Essential' tier, 13% in 'Extra,' and 17% in 'Premium.' In the subsequent year, the distribution shifted to 65% in Essential, 16% in Extra, and 19% in Premium.

Regarding game releases, Sony plans to continue producing AAA single-player narrative games alongside more innovative concepts, while increasingly focusing on live-service offerings. Live-service titles will be simultaneously released on both PC and console, while AAA single-player games will debut on consoles before becoming available on PC. Sony aims to encourage PC gamers to transition to the PS5 for quicker access to upcoming titles.

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