Astro Bot and Concord served as the highlights of PlayStation's State of Play presentation

PlayStation Games Showcase

PlayStation unveiled its game lineup for the upcoming year during today's State of Play video, emphasizing games beyond its prominent franchises. Despite previously stating no major franchise game releases for 2024, the event concluded with the announcement of Astro Bot. Developed by Japan's Asobi, this sequel to the acclaimed Astro's Playroom, included with every PS5, will be available on September 6th.

The presentation kicked off with Concord, a new science-fiction multiplayer shooter from Firewalk Studios, which PlayStation acquired in 2021. This is one of several online multiplayer games in development, joining titles like Bungie's Marathon and Haven Studios' FairGames. Concord is set for release on August 23rd, just ahead of Astro Bot.

In other announcements, God of War Ragnarok will arrive on PC on September 18th, nearly two years after its PS5 release. Additionally, the remake of the BAFTA-winning horror game Until Dawn from Sony is expected later this year, potentially competing with the remake of Konami's Silent Hill 2, launching on October 8th.

The event also showcased trailers for Monster Hunter Wilds, set for 2025, Path of Exile 2 coming in 2024, Dynasty Warriors Origins also slated for 2024, and Marvel's Rivals, with its release date yet to be confirmed.

For PlayStation VR2, titles like Alien Rogue Incursion and Skydance's Behemoth are scheduled for this year. Additionally, new intellectual properties were introduced, including the dark fantasy RPG Ballad Of Antara coming in 2025, the anime dress-up game Infinity Nikki testing in 2024, and the Dark Souls-inspired action game Where Winds Meet, with the release date pending.

Though a less eventful presentation for PlayStation, this marks the beginning of a month filled with announcements. Upcoming events over the next two weeks will feature game reveals at Summer Games Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase, Ubisoft Forward, the PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, Wholesome Direct, Devolver Direct, Guerrilla Collective, and more. Nintendo also plans to hold a Nintendo Direct in June, though it will not cover its next game console.

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