Unikat, a new publishing label, has officially launched

Michal Napora, a seasoned expert in game marketing, has introduced Unikat, a new publishing platform.

Unikat, headquartered in Perth, is dedicated to promoting indie developers committed to "crafting unique and minimalistic games." Among the first titles to join its portfolio are Pools, a liminal exploration game by Tensori, and Voids Within's upcoming cyberpunk city builder, Dystopika.

Napora, also the founder and CEO of the marketing firm 32-33, has collaborated with Bloober Team, Techland, and Frogwares.

Napora commented, "Over the past year, I've observed changes in our industry—what games people play, their behavior and purchasing habits, the treatment of players and developers, and the evolving nature of video games."

He added, "It seems a new wave of ideas, behaviors, and expectations is emerging. This shift is positive, but new changes need fresh approaches, not outdated industry practices."

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