Offbrand, a notable content studio, has unveiled its newest venture: a games publishing label

Offbrand has expanded its operations into the gaming sector by introducing Offbrand Games.

During IGN Live, Ludwig Ahgren, a prominent content creator, announced a collaboration with the founder of Pirate Software, Jason "Thor" Hall.

The initial launch from Offbrand Games will be the follow-up to Aether Studio's 2017 fighting platformer, Rivals of Aether.

"I have witnessed a lot of creators establishing publishing firms, but what stands out to me is the struggle of indie studios under these publishers," Hall stated. "This is something I want to change. I'm thrilled to guide Offbrand Games toward a future where this scenario doesn't repeat."

Ahgren emphasized: "Our vision is to give developers all the necessary time and resources to create exceptional games, which I can then showcase to as wide an audience as possible."

Founded in 2022 by Ahgren and Nick Allen, who serves as president of Mogul Moves, Offbrand aims to strengthen the connection between creators and game developers to forge mutually advantageous partnerships.

Nick Allen commented on LinkedIn, "From the outset, our mission was to enhance the collaboration between creators and developers, and over the past year, we have been working to make this vision a reality."

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