INDIKA sells 55k copies on Steam, currently performing below Odd Meter's expectations

Odd Meter founder and game director Dmitry Svetlow has disclosed sales figures for INDIKA. The studio’s debut game has yet to reach 100k copies sold across all platforms.

INDIKA sells 55k copies on Steam, currently below studio's expectations

Svetlow shared the data in an interview with Cyber (in Russian). He noted that sales of Indika are currently below expectations, citing two main reasons:

  • The games market is now going through hard times, with a lot of games coming out and tails of sales are getting shorter and shorter;
  • More gamers prefer to “play” short story-driven games by watching walkthroughs on YouTube.

According to Svetlow, Indika has now sold around 55k copies on Steam (the interview was published on June 10). He didn’t disclose figures for other platforms, only saying that the game is selling well on consoles. “I would like to believe that we will reach the first 100k [units sold] by the end of the month,” he noted.

It is worth noting that publisher 11 bit studios previously stated that Indika met its expectations and that relatively small investment in the project “has already more than paid off.”

Svetlow added that the game’s commercial performance could be considered a success compared to other 11 bit-published titles with higher development and marketing costs. “The publisher expects that the game will recoup its costs within a year and start making a profit,” he explained.

Launched on May 2, Indika received positive reviews from critics, with an average Metascore ranging from 80 (PC) to 83 (PlayStation 5). The game currently holds a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with 89% of the 2,556 user reviews being positive. According to SteamDB, it also peaked at 1,200 concurrent players on the platform.

Odd Meter is now creating prototypes for its next projects. The studio currently has three concepts, so it plans to choose the best one and pitch it to publishers. As for Indika, the team will release a patch with a short post-credits scene and several fixes.

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