Sales of INDIKA on Steam have reached 55,000 copies. This is below the developer's expectations

An art-house adventure about a mad nun from the studio Odd Meter sold 55 thousand copies on the Steam platform in a month. With the inclusion of consoles, sales may surpass the 100-thousand mark by the end of June.


These numbers were shared with the publication "Cyber" by Dmitry Svetlov, head of the studio. He also noted that sales were below expectations. He cites the following main reasons:

  • market oversaturation ("many projects are released, and sales tails are getting shorter");
  • competition with streaming platforms ("more and more players prefer to experience games on YouTube, especially shorter narrative games").

Earlier, the company 11 bit studios, which published the game, noted that it was satisfied with the game's initial performance.

Svetlov explains this stance by saying that the publisher has a different perspective, evaluating the game's performance differently: "Indika is performing quite well, considering it has a smaller budget and marketing campaign compared to other games from 11 bit studios. This can be considered a success. The publisher expects the game to break even within a year and start generating profit."

55 thousand copies with 2500 reviews suggest a multiplier of 22 for this game. According to GameDiscoverCo, this is higher than the market average.


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