The content agency Offbrand has launched a publishing label led by former Blizzard developer Jason Hall

A new game publisher has emerged, named Offbrand Games. It was launched under the content agency Offbrand, which was previously founded by streamers Ludwig Ahgren, Nathan Stanz, and Nick Allen.

Offbrand Games will assist developers with game marketing, localization, porting, and testing. The first project is set to be Rivals 2 — a sequel to the fighting game Rivals of Aether from Aether Studios.

Offbrand announced that one of the label's leaders will be Blizzard veteran and Pirate Software founder Jason Thor Hall. He assumed the position of Strategy Director. In his own statement, Hall said he has seen too many instances where publishers impose unreasonable terms on indie studios. He has long wanted to address this and hopes to improve the industry for the better with the help of Offbrand Games.


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