Diablo IV breaks its CCU record on Steam, peaking at nearly 40k concurrent players

Season 4 has reignited faith in Diablo 4 among many players, and the update’s success had had a positive impact on its metrics. At least that’s what you see when looking at numbers on Steam, which provides publicly visible stats.

Diablo IV breaks its CCU record, with nearly 40k concurrent players flocking to it yesterday

Diablo IV had a mediocre launch on Steam, attracting just over 5,000 concurrent players upon its release on the platform last October. Of course, the lion’s share of its audience is on Battle.net, where the majority of users purchased the game, but the numbers were still far from impressive.

It also received “Mixed” reviews and was criticized for its microtransactions and certain mechanics. However, the new season caused a huge surge in player interest due to many gameplay changes, including the reworked loot system and new content.

Players flocked to Diablo IV to try the update, with many praising Blizzard for all the work they put into improving the game. According to SteamDB, it peaked at over 29k concurrent users (CCU) on May 18 and eventually reached a new all-time high of 39,782 CCU yesterday.

It is unclear how many active players Diablo IV currently has on Battle.net or Game Pass, but the 39.7k peak on Steam certainly looks promising in terms of overall interest.

Season 4 also helped improve the game’s rating on the platform. Diablo IV currently has a “Mostly Positive” score (71% positive) on Steam based on more than 18k user reviews. Of the 2,354 reviews left in the last 30 days, 77% are positive.

During the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Blizzard introduced a new CGI trailer for the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion. Expected to launch on October 8, it will feature the new region of Nahantu, the new Spiritborn class, as well as other content and gameplay additions.

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