Phil Spencer: Sales of third-party games on Xbox have been increasing by double digits annually for the past five years

Head of Microsoft's gaming division Phil Spencer gave an interview to the IGM portal. During the conversation, he mentioned that sales of third-party studio games on Xbox consoles are steadily increasing.

Phil Spencer at Xbox Games Showcase

He stated that over the past five years, annual sales growth has been measured in double digits. According to Spencer, this is thanks to the Game Pass subscription, which has led to more active users on Xbox than ever before. He did not specify the exact number of users. Previously, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also reported a record number of active Xbox users, but he too did not provide specific figures.

Spencer also confirmed that Microsoft plans to release more of its games on competing platforms. For example, DOOM: The Dark Ages will not be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem and will also be available on PlayStation 5. "Doom is definitely one of those franchises with a history across multiple platforms. It's a franchise that I think everyone deserves to play," added Spencer.


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