Analysts: Game releases on Steam have brought Sony nearly a billion dollars over four years. One-third of that amount is from Helldivers 2

Since 2020, Sony has released 14 PlayStation exclusives on Steam. In total, they have generated $830 million for the company, according to a report from VG Insights.

Sony's share of Steam revenue from July 2020 to May 2024

The most profitable project turned out to be Helldivers 2, with its Steam version accounting for 34% of the $830 million. Also in the top 5 games were PC ports of Horizon Zero Dawn (15%), God of War (13%), Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (10%), and Days Gone (8%).

According to VG Insights, the total sales of Sony games on Steam now exceed 28 million copies. The undisputed leader in sales is also Helldivers 2, without which the number of copies sold would have been only 17 million.


VG Insights
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