Circana: Xbox Series is trailing behind Xbox One and Xbox 360 in sales in the United States

Analyst Mat Piscatella from Circana has calculated that the Xbox Series is selling 13% worse in the American market than the Xbox One did at its time and is "slightly" trailing behind the Xbox 360 in sales.

The total number of consoles Microsoft has sold in the U.S. is not disclosed.

According to the analyst, the sales situation for the Xbox Series in the U.S. could still change, for example, during the winter holidays. He noted that the Xbox One had a strong start but didn't finish well, while the Xbox 360 had the opposite trend.

Piscatella also mentioned that the PlayStation 5 is ahead of the PlayStation 4 in U.S. sales by 8%. The number of consoles sold and comparisons with other predecessors were not provided by the analyst.


Mat Piscatella
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