Sony: The PS5 is the company's most profitable console, and live service games will be released on PC simultaneously with PlayStation

Sony held a business presentation where they shared updated data on their gaming segment. We've highlighted the main points.

  • Total PlayStation 5 sales reached $106 billion to date. It slightly trailed behind the PlayStation 4 sales ($107 billion) but outperformed other consoles. PlayStation 3 sales were $71 billion, PlayStation 2 at $44 billion, and the original PlayStation at $24 billion.
  • PlayStation 5's operating profit surpassed any other PlayStation console, amounting to $10 billion.

Sales and Operating Profit of PlayStation Consoles

  • As of March 31, PlayStation Network's monthly active audience was 118 million people.
  • As of April 30, the number of monthly active consoles was 97 million. Out of these, 49 million consoles were PlayStation 5s, and another 49 million were PlayStation 4s. Additionally, players were more active on PlayStation 5 than on PlayStation 4—2.4 billion hours versus 1.4 billion hours.

Activity Metrics on PlayStation 5 and 4

  • In the first four years after the console's release, PlayStation 5 users spent 12% less on games compared to PlayStation 4 users over the same period. However, they spent more on game add-ons (+176%), services (+57%), and peripherals (+34%).

Spending Differences Between PlayStation 4 and 5 Users

  • From April 2023 to March 2024, 51% of PlayStation Store revenue was generated by major game franchises like Call of Duty and EA Sports FC.
  • Sony plans to release live-service games on both consoles and PCs simultaneously, but major story-driven games will only appear on PCs some time after release on PlayStation. The idea is that story-driven ports should motivate players to purchase sequels on PlayStation.


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