The horror game Buckshot Roulette is another indie phenomenon of 2024. Online with 9 thousand players and 96% rating on Steam

On April 4, the global release of Buckshot Roulette took place. This is a horror game from an Estonian solo developer, which immediately resembles the narrative of Inscryption and the creations of Yoko Taro.

Important: the Steam release of the game took place last week. However, the first version of the game appeared on at the end of last year. The first version was distributed for $ 1.20, but within Steam, the price of the project increased to $ 2.90.

Buckshot Roulette

What about the business indicators?

The project has a great start. The indie game has collected more than 6,000 reviews on Steam in four days (96% of them are positive). This allows us to talk about sales in the region of 200 thousand copies.

Buckshot Roulette also has a good one for an indie single online. Up to 9 thousand users spent time in the game at the same time. For comparison, Inscryption had 17 thousand at its peak.

The project is also popular on Twitch. According to SullyGnome analytics, the online game's viewership reached 75 thousand. This is the same amount as "Distemper" had on the day of release.

At the time of writing the news — Monday, April 8 — the game continues to hang in the top 10 "Popular new products" of the USA on Steam.

What is the game about?

Buckshot Roulette is a "Russian roulette" with a shotgun. The player alternates with the AI to try his luck by shooting himself in the head with a rifle.

If the cartridge turns out to be empty, then the player can shoot the next one at the opponent, and if not, he loses one of his lives. When one of the opponents runs out of lives, the game comes to an end.

The gameplay is complicated by the ability to use various items during the match. For example, a magnifying glass allows you to see what the next cartridge is, and a pack of cigarettes restores one life.

What else do you need to know about the game?

The developer of Buckshot Roulette is Mike Strawberry, the author of a whole host of experimental and at the same time quite depressing projects.

Mike's games develop in the same universe and, if you believe the fans of his work, tell one big and nightmarish story about a sleeping humanity that is doomed.

The game was published by the young Cypriot publisher CRITICAL REFLEX, whose team consists of former employees of tinyBuild, My.Games, HeroCraft, HyperTrain and other companies.

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