Dragon's Dogma 2 surpassed Helldivers 2 in weekly sales on Steam

The role-playing action game Dragon's Dogma 2 topped the chart of the highest—grossing premium games on Steam over the past week, shifting Helldivers 2 from the top. However, Capcom's novelty failed to get to the first place in the overall chart, which also takes into account free games - Counter-Strike 2 is leading it for the second week in a row.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

It should be noted that Dragon's Dogma 2 managed to improve the rating on Steam after a bad start. It became "mixed" with 53% positive reviews. On the day of release, the site's users criticized the game for poor optimization and microtransactions, but the developers reacted quickly. Capcom promised to fix technical problems and indicated that items from paid DLC can be obtained for free during the passage.

Also over the weekend, Dragon's Dogma 2 set a new record for peak online, with 228,585 people on the Steam version of the game at the same time.

Below are other notable changes to the weekly Steam bestseller chart.

Released on PC on March 21, Horizon Forbidden West took fifth place in the overall top, rising 54 lines in a week. It became the second game in the top 5 published by Sony. The first is Helldivers 2.

Thanks to the release of the large-scale 1.6 patch, Stardew Valley got to the 14th line in the overall top and the tenth line in the top only with premium products. After the release of the patch, the game has dramatically increased not only revenue, but also the size of the active audience. On March 24, the farmer simulator updated its peak online on Steam, managing to attract 236,614 people at the same time.

Top 10 highest-grossing premium products on Steam for the week of March 19-26:

1. Dragon’s Dogma 2;
2. Helldivers 2;
3. Steam Deck;
4. Horizon Forbidden West;
6. Baldur’s Gate 3;
7. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege;
8. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade;
9. Dead by Daylight;
10. Stardew Valley.

Top 20 highest-grossing products on Steam for the week of March 19-26, including free games

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