Indie horror Lethal Company surpassed Baldur's Gate 3 in weekly sales on Steam

The cooperative horror Lethal Company, created by the lone developer Zeekerss, has become a hit on Steam. It took the third place in the chart of the highest-grossing premium products on the site over the past week.

Top 10 highest-grossing premium products on Steam from November 14th to 21st:

1. Steam Deck
2. Call of Duty
3. Lethal Company
4. Baldur’s Gate 3
5. 雀魂麻將(MahjongSoul)*
6. Remnant II
7. Age of Empires IV
8. EA Sports FC 24
9. Stellaris
10. Lies of P

In addition, Lethal Company was ranked seventh in the list of the most popular Steam games released in 2023**. On the evening of November 20, 117,278 people were in the game at the same time. This is more than such titles as Remnant II (110,856 people) and Dave the Diver (98,480 people) attracted at their peak.

According to game expert Simon Carless, since October 23 — the day the game was released into early access — Lethal Company has sold more than 642,000 copies and brought its developer $5.7 million in gross revenue.

*SteamDB has classified(Mahjong Soul) as a premium game, but in fact it is free. It is worth noting that this is a separate Steam release for the Chinese audience. Probably, due to regional restrictions, an error occurred in the SteamDB system, and the service considered the title to be paid.

**If you exclude from the list of free games and Tale of Immortal (its global release took place in May 2023, but the game took its peak online of 184 thousand people three years ago).

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