ZiMAD: Subscriptions are responsible for more than 70% of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles payments

Dmitry Bobrov, CEO of ZiMAD, told in the tenth issue of the Games and Names podcast about how a mobile game can remain successful for a decade. During the conversation, he also touched upon the importance of subscriptions for the company's key game.

In particular, he noted that subscribing to Magic Jigsaw Puzzles not only unlocks all content and removes ads, but also adds additional functionality to the game that is not available to other users.

Despite the fact that subscriptions were added to the game relatively recently, they are currently one of the main monetization channels. "They account for more than 70% of in—game payments," Bobrov says.

But still, the main part of his conversation with Stas Minasov, podcast host and AppMagic vice president of product, was about supporting Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, the studio's main blockbuster, which was released back in the summer of 2011.

Among other things, they discussed ZiMAD's approach to LiveOps, which boils down to:

  • knowing what specific needs and interests (including in real life) those users who are the core of the audience have (in the case of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, these are usually women over 50 who do not like to compete and avoid stress);
  • work on motivating players, on introducing elements into the game that train the brain and stimulate spending time with children and grandchildren on the project;
  • constant work on new features that are unique to the genre and difficult for other market participants to repeat (including: puzzle pieces that are unique in shape, an in-game social network where players can share their photos).

In addition, the podcast discussed working with the world's leading IP (Disney, Marvel and National Geographic).

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The Games and Names podcast is released every last Tuesday of the month. It is conducted by the analytical service AppMagic with the support of WN Media Group.

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