Less than 1% of the service's subscribers play Netflix games every day

On average, 2.2 million people launch games from the Netflix catalog every day, CNBC reports, citing data from the analytical company Apptopia. This is less than 1% of the 247.15 million subscribers of the service.

There are now 77 games in the Netflix catalog — three times more than in August 2022. According to Apptopia estimates, by the end of September 2023, their total downloads reached 70.5 million (note, earlier the MobileGamer portal, based on AppMagic data, wrote that by mid-October downloads amounted to 82 million).

Last week, Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters said at a meeting with investors that the main problem with Netflix games is their small share in the service.

"The current share of games [in the Netflix catalog] and, frankly, the investment in them is very, very, very small compared to the share of the rest of the content and the costs of it," Peters said. "Our task is to gradually increase the share so that games can have a significant impact on the business."

Peters pointed out that Netflix has repeatedly faced problems entering new markets. For example, when launching the service in Latin America and Japan. In his opinion, the situation with the games is not much different from this.

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