How to find out the approximate number of vishlist games on Steam based on the number of subscribers

According to gaming expert Simon Carless, to do this, you need to multiply the number of subscribers on the Steam game page by a certain value. In his newsletter, he shared the current multipliers for 2023 (based on a survey of more than 125 developers):

▪️Now the multiplier ranges from x7 to x20, the average is x12,37, the median is x12 (i.e. to count the vishlist, the number of followers on Steam is multiplied by 12);

Over the past two years, the median multiplier has increased by 25%, and the average by 28%;

This may be due both to the fact that game marketers have become more focused on building up vishlist, not followers, and the fact that today players in general have become less subscribed to games;

Quite often, titles with a large number of vishlist are more mainstream, and therefore attract a wider/casual audience that just buys games and last of all thinks about subscribing to some project on Steam;

The multiplier also differs depending on the tags used: it is significantly lower for “deep”, complex genres (4X-strategies — x7.5, turn—based strategies — x9, survivalists – x9.5) than for narrative—oriented titles (story games – x13.2, relaxing — x15,7, puzzles — x15,9), but there are always exceptions.


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