Bethesda denied the rumor about the transfer of Fallout 76 to freeplay monetization

A few days ago, a rumor appeared on the network that Fallout 76 may turn out to be a shareware game. Bethesda from its official Twitter account stated that this is not true.

The start of sales of a new game in the Fallout series was so unsuccessful that since November there have been speculations about the transfer of the project to the frituplay. One of the most notable took place the other day, when the blogger TheQuartering said that the Australian retailer EB Games Australia, at the request of the publisher, was withdrawing the game from sale. In his opinion, this may be a signal to the company’s plans to radically change the monetization of the game.

The blogger’s video immediately aroused the indignation of the players. In response to an angry tweet from one of which Bethesda stated that this is a rumor and it does not correspond to reality.

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