YouGov: 52% of American gamers believe that the metaverse will change the gaming industry

The analytical company YouGov, with the support of Globant, decided to find out what Americans think about the metaverse. She interviewed a thousand gamers from the United States aged 18 and older who spend more than three hours a week playing games.

52% of the survey participants believe that the emergence of the metaverse will affect the entire gaming industry. According to 41% of gamers, it will change for the better.

▪️73% of gamers named Meta* the leading metaverse company. Also, out of 100% of respondents, 27% pointed to Epic Games, 21% — to Roblox, 15% — to The Sandbox and 10% — to Niantic.

A third of gamers are not against advertising in the metaverse, but 40% noted that they would not like to see it there too much.

▪️40% of respondents are ready to play P2E games within the metaverse.

*The company’s activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation.


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