Meta* will launch a "metaverse academy" in France. She will train specialists for the metaverse

Meta* together with the French company Simplon decided to independently train specialists who will be able to work in the metaverse. According to Agence France-Presse, they plan to open a so-called “metaverse academy” and train about 100 future professionals in the first year.

The Academy will start working at the beginning of the new academic year and will be located in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and other cities of France. It is assumed that at the start it will teach students only in two areas: the development of immersive technologies or technical support. All studies will be full-time and free of charge.

Recall that for the first time Meta* officially announced plans to build a metaverse in October last year. She also promised to create 10,000 metaverse-related jobs in Europe in the next five years.

*The company’s activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation.


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