Tim Sweeney believes that there must be entertainment in the metaverse

The head of Epic Games gave a big interview to the Financial Times, in which he also touched on the topic of the metaverse. Tim Sweeney indicated that he doubts the potential of metaverse projects designed exclusively for business meetings.

In his opinion, “sitting in 3D and just talking” is not very fun. Over time, users simply become uncomfortable, and what is happening begins to resemble a “creepy version” of America Online chats. As Sweeney adds, if people could play darts, billiards, or otherwise entertain themselves, then the resulting metaverse would work better.

Separately, Sweeney commented on the Meta* plans. He believes that it has an interesting and broader vision of the metaverse than Epic Games. But Sweeney is not sure that it fits well with the way the corporation conducts its business.

*The organization’s activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation


Financial Times
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