Over 500 applications have added the word "metaverse" to the name. Most of them are games

Analysts from Sensor Tower noticed that over 500 mobile applications have already added the word “metaverse” to their descriptions or names. At the same time, the greatest growth occurred after the rebranding of Facebook.Facebook changed the company name to Meta on October 28, 2021.

23% of them also use the prefix “crypto” in the description or name.

  • Next in popularity are keywords such as NFT (18%), AR (11%) and VR (9%).What keywords are used in combination with the metaverse

Mobile game developers are most interested in metaverses.

  • They make up 19% of the total number of applications with this word in the name or description.The top five also included such categories as financial (18%), social (12%), entertainment (10%) and book (6.7%) applications.
  • Top 10 categories of applications using the word “metaverse”

According to Sensor Tower, developers and publishers of such applications hope that the focus on the metaverse and related keywords will help them significantly increase revenue in the future.

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