All six ironSource founders to leave Unity amid mass layoffs and business restructuring

Unity continues to restructure, this time preparing for changes in its leadership. The founders of ironSource, an app monetization platform it acquired in 2022, will soon leave the company.

ironSource founders leaving Unity amid mass layoffs and business restructuring

Unity shared the news in an internal email obtained by, saying that all six ironSource founders —  Tomer Bar-Zeev, Omer Kaplan, Eyal Milrad, Arnon Harish, Tamir Carmi, and Assaf Ben Ami — will leave the company in the next six months.

As a result, there will be a reshuffle in Unity’s leadership, with four executives getting new roles:

  • Unity Create president and general manager Marc Whitten will become chief product and technology officer for the Create division (engine, subscriptions, etc.);
  • SVP of product and engineering Felix Thé will get a new role as SVP of product and technology for Unity Grow (ads, monetization, etc.);
  • Nadav Ashkenazy, VP and general manager of Unity’s subsidiary Supersonic, will be appointed SVP and chief revenue officer for Unity Grow;
  • ironSource executive VP of sales Giancarlo Fasolo will be promoted to SVP of ironSource Aura.

Jim Whitehurst, who took on the role of interim CEO following the resignation of John Riccitiello, noted that the changes should help the company “bring legacy Unity and legacy IronSource people and culture much closer.” According to the internal email, the elimination of the GM layer will create a “flatter, more functional structure.”

ironSource joined Unity in 2022 in a $4.4 billion merger. The deal was set to help the company build an end-to-end platform for mobile developers and create new publishing and monetization tools.

The report on the departure of ironSource founders comes just days after Unity announced its decision to lay off 1,800 employees, or 25% of its total workforce. This is part of the company’s restructuring aimed at refocusing on its core business and delivering faster revenue growth.

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