The Chinese Academy of Governance has officially deployed the country’s first party-building system set in virtual space. It will train people using the capabilities of the metaverse.

The technology provider and developer Mengke VR said that the new system “supports party-building work in a flexible and powerful way” (via South China Morning Post).

The Chinese Academy of Governance, which is the country’s top training school for government officials, will let participants access party conferences, history lessons, and examine historical relics in 3D using their virtual avatars.

Students will also be able to communicate with each other and ask virtual narrators questions about certain topics.

Although the metaverse has never been used in China on the state level, the country has tried different VR-based projects over the last few years. In 2018, authorities used the technology to “reinforce cadres’ allegiance to the [Communist Party],” making people answer questions after watching a documentary about communist heroes.