Herbarium Games is looking for 100 thousand dollars to finalize BUS: Bro U Survived. The team is also looking for a marketing partner

We continue the cycle of publications about games that require investment or a publisher. Next up is material from Herbarium Games studio, which is developing a cooperative online action game BUS: Bro U Survived.

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The general director of the studio, Matvey Tkachev, spoke about the project.

Matvey Tkachev

About the team

Herbarium Games is a studio that specializes in gamification and commercial game development. Our portfolio includes projects such as Yandex Plus City, Dodo Village, as well as games for Flowwow, Stoloto and other corporate clients. Now we have decided to release our own game.

We also have a strong background in mobile games. We have collaborated with major publishers: Azur Games, Ubisoft Mobile, Ketchapp, Say Games. In five years, the company has released more than 100 games.

About the project

BUS: Bro U Survived is a third—person cooperative online action game for one to four players.

Players will have to drive across the island on a school bus. On the trip, they will explore the world, develop characters and fight hordes of zombies. In addition, players will be able to turn their bus into a real combat vehicle. They will also build a camp where they will take all the survivors they saved.

The project has been in development for almost two years. We are now four months away from early access. At this stage, ~ 15 hours of gameplay are planned. We have started collecting vishlists and are ready to show the game to publishers.

The engine is Unity, multiplayer is implemented through Photon.

About the gameplay/mechanics of the project

The main goal of the project is to provide a unique gaming experience of cooperation between players.

The gameplay consists in the fact that a group of players need to go on raids, complete missions, search locations, solve cooperative puzzles and drag everything into the bus that is not bolted (springs, buckets, smoked hips), as well as rescue people from the clutches of zombies, evacuating them to the base. Players need to try to cooperate effectively and find interesting ways from loot to the bus.

The structure of the game resembles PAYDAY or Cult of Lamb (only with multiplayer). Players develop their base for the resources they receive in raids. New tools and equipment are being unlocked at the base, which enhances the replayability of endless tasks, and also allows players to create their own cozy lair, like in The Sims.

The game features a progression of technologies, weapons, buildings and tools, which allows players to solve problems on locations in creative ways, as well as take away more loot by bus.

The bus itself can also be pumped, enhancing its usefulness to the team: whether it's cameras, an increase in the trunk or a safety shield that can save you in the most difficult moment.

Players can customize the appearance of their character by changing the elements of clothing, hairstyles, skin color, voice and other characteristics. In the future, we plan to partially integrate the Steam Marketplace so that some elements of the customizer have their value.

The game has a plot that develops in key missions. The missions are divided into chapters, but players can play in non-plot locations that will change with each appearance on the map, refreshing the gameplay a little.

About the target audience of the project

Our audience is fans of 14+ cooperative games such as Deep Rock Galactic, Raft, PayDay, etc.

About the business model of the project

Based on competitors, we plan to sell at least 120 thousand copies of the game at a base price of $25 per copy.

We plan to make some of the content and release it on Early Access with the first chapter of the bus story, subsequently delivering new chapters and maintaining interest in the game.

Our business model can be viewed here.

About metrics

A month ago, we had a Steam page. During this time, we have 5375 page visits and we have received 785 vishlists.

So far, we have only conducted social networks without purchasing, but several news outlets have already written about us. At the moment, the conversion rate to vishlist is 16.35%. In the near future, we plan to purchase advertising and evaluate the cost of the vishlist.

About who you're looking for

Now we are open to suggestions. We need 100 thousand dollars of additional development budget and a marketing partner who will take over the promotion of the game. At the moment, we have invested 315 thousand dollars. On our part, we are ready to share up to 40%, depending on the conditions.

How do I get in touch?

Matvey Tkachev: https://t.me/Adventurerm

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