Scopely could spend up to $1.5 billion on Monopoly Go marketing

This was stated by the former marketing director of Pixel Federation and SuperScale Matej Lancaric. He believes that Scopely spends up to $4.5 million per day on user purchases.

Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go

Recall that in November, the company announced that Monopoly Go's revenue reached $1 billion with a total number of installations of 100 million.

"If they've already earned a billion, they've definitely spent one and a half," Lancharich told Mobilegamer. "They're not even close to paying off. This is simply impossible, given the existing LTV/ROAS curve."

Lancharich's estimate is based on approximate calculations of the current cost of CPI and the volume of the company's installations.

Ramiz Trtovac, who was previously responsible for buying traffic in the Serbian Two Desperados, does not agree with Matej's position. He believes that Scopely's expenses amount to about $300,000 per day (that is, about $9 million per month).

Spending even in the region of a million dollars on advertising seems unrealistic to him. At the same time, he agrees that everything can be difficult in terms of payback for a UA campaign: "Some publishers are willing to spend $ 12 million on advertising to earn $13 million."

The third position belongs to the analytical company Liquid & Grit, which prepares reports for mobile gaming companies. Its analysts believe that Scopely spends a million dollars a day to maintain interest in Monopoly Go.

"Among casual games and social casinos, Monopoly Go ranks second in terms of the number of advertising creatives shown to users. The first place is for the Royal Match," Liquid & Grit representatives say.

Scopely itself does not disclose its expenses. However, in a comment for Mobilegamer, she stated that her UA specialists are among the best on the market and buy traffic at prices that are significantly lower than those indicated by third-party personnel. She also noted that "wild speculative statements" are far from reality, and Monopoly Go is one of the most profitable mobile games. "Any other statement is wrong."

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