The Yandex advertising SDK has added the ability to embed ads when opening an application

Today Yandex has released the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK 6.0. In this version of the SDK, a new advertising format has appeared — advertising when opening an application.

Such advertising can be displayed on the loading screens directly when the application is launched, while the application is brought to the foreground (foreground) and during the return to it from background mode (background).

Also, the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK mobile mediation has added support for the InMobi advertising network. It works with the following advertising formats: adaptive inline banner, adaptive sticky banner, interstitial advertising and rewarded advertising.

What else has been added to the SDK:

▫️ new rewarded ad formats: text and image ads and a grid of multiple ads;

▫️support for DivKit technology in all advertising formats, which automatically collects the layout of the advertisement in the application on the server and does not require a new release;

▫️automatic adaptation of the size of advertising banners for a specific application.

You can read more about the changes here.


Yandex Mobile Ads SDK Changelog
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