On September 12, the course "How to make advertising for games that will work?" starts at the WN Academy

A new course will start on the WN Academy training program marketplace next Tuesday. It is dedicated to the development and launch of advertising campaigns. The author is Kirill Oreshkin, who previously worked at Wargaming and Zorka.Agency.

About the course author

For more than seven years, Oreshkin worked in Wargaming. At first, he headed the video department. After that, he was responsible for the company's internal full-service advertising agency. Oreshkin also worked for Zorka.Agency for about two years, where he was head of strategy.

"I've worked on promoting IP's like World of Tanks, Total War, MyCafe, Raid: Shadow Legends, PUBG and Hero Wars. I've done ads for mobile, console, and PC games. I worked with TV, outdoor, Facebook and influencers," Oreshkin comments on his experience.

About the course program

The course program lasts for two months and consists of six stages. During the training, students will learn:

  • how to conduct in-depth interviews;
  • what should I tell the audience to be interested in advertising;
  • how to come up with ideas for advertising;
  • how to make an idea suitable for scaling;
  • what principles underlie the formation of a funnel;
  • what are the techniques and templates for creating creatives?;
  • and much more.

"This is a practical course where we will learn how to advertise easily and on the stream. As a result, we will create an advertising campaign together," Oreshkin shares.

He also adds that the program is based on his own advertising creation system: "I use it myself and implement it where I work."

About the audience

The course is designed for both entry-level and advanced marketers. The former, according to Oreshkin, will be able to get a base and a strong foundation for further growth within the framework of training, and the latter will be able to systematize existing knowledge.


You can learn more about the course here.

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