AppMetrica has added the ability to conduct A/B tests

Yandex continues to develop the AppMetrica service. It has added tools for conducting A/B testing, as well as for making changes to the application without releasing its new version.

Two new sections have appeared in the AppMetrica dashboard: “Experiments” and “Configuration of flags”.

The tools from the “Experiments” section work on the basis of Varioqub technology. You can run A/B tests both for the entire audience of the product and for individual segments. Companies can test hypotheses and check how their implementation will affect ARPU, Retention, Time Spent and other indicators of the application. At the same time, it will be possible to conduct up to a hundred A / B tests.

The “Flags Configuration” allows you to edit the application interface directly from AppMetrica. For example, change the color of buttons, otherwise place ads and add new banners. In total, up to 2 thousand flags are available to developers.


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