Advertising with Pedro Pascal gave Merge Mansion an increase of only 44 thousand installations

Analytical platform analyzed the impact of two viral advertising campaigns, which were filmed with the participation of live actors, on the performance of the game Merge Mansion from the Finnish Metacore.

The first campaign was launched in December 2021. To promote the game, four videos were shot with the participation of actress Kathy Bates. Recall that she played the main female role in the movie “Misery”.

The videos were creepy, however, as stated , really viral. Since the start of the campaign, the level of iOS downloads in the United States has increased by 100 thousand per month. And he stayed at that level for the next eight months.

The second campaign with the participation of live actors Metacore launched in March 2023. This time the frontman was Pedro Pascal, the star of the TV series “The Last of Us” and “Mandalorian”. Three commercials were released with his participation.

Despite the fact that the videos on YouTube collectively collected more than 25 million views, and the campaign itself was launched with fanfare (they staged a reality show with movie stars, influencers and the press), the level of iOS downloads in the United States increased by only 44 thousand in the first month, and then fell to the previous level.

The reason for the failure, according to , it may be both the lack of broadcast advertising with Pascal on TV (advertising with Bates was shown), and the fact that the actor is much better known to a young audience, which, perhaps, turned out to be more difficult to convert into players.

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